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Air Travel with Child带孩子坐飞机

I. Getting Ready作准备

1. We are going on an international flight. Let me get your passport ready.


2. First, we need to pick up our boarding passes and check-in our luggage.  Do you know where our airline counter is?  Look for our flight number on the departure information screen and it will show us which counters to go to.


3. When we get to the counter, just tell the airline staff our names and give them our passports. They will print our boarding passes and help us check-in our luggage.


II. At the Counter (Speaking to Staff)在柜台(与工作人员交谈)

4. I’d like to check in our luggage please.


5. Can we have the aisle seat or bulkhead seats (the first row of seats of a particular section of the plane)?


6. We will have layovers. Could you print our boarding passes for all the flights?


7. I have requested a bassinet [,bæsi'net] / carrycot for my baby when I booked our seats. I’d like to confirm my reservation again.


III. Going through Customs过海关

8. We need to go through Customs to travel abroad. Let’s get our passports ready for the officers to check and stamp.


9. We need to take a picture now. Let me take off your hat. Please look at the camera and don’t look away. Good boy / girl!


IV. Going through Security Screening通过安检

10. Let’s take our passports, boarding passes and carry-on luggage and head to security screening.


11. Let’s line up and wait for our turn. The security staff will check our boarding passes to our IDs. Then we need to place our belongings and carry-on luggage in bins and have them scanned by the X-ray machine.


12. We need to put liquids and electronic devices in separate and individual bins.


13. The good news is, we can take milk and baby food on board in our carry-on luggage. But there is a chance that the security staff might ask us to taste it.


V. Finding the Boarding Gate找登机口

14. Let’s head to our boarding gate. Check our boarding passes for the terminal and the gate number. Follow the signs and we will be directed to the area.


15. Remember to pay close attention to the flight announcements. We might be asked to board early because we are traveling with a baby.


VI. Boarding the Plane登机

16. Let’s get our boarding passes and passports ready. The flight attendants at the boarding gate will check them before they let us board the plane.


17. Are you excited? We are finally on the plane.


18. Let’s find our row number and seat... Here we are! Daddy will put our carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments. Let me stow [stəu] my handbag under the seat in front of us.

找找咱们坐哪排、哪个座位…… 在这儿!爸爸会把我们的手提行李放到头顶的行李架上。 我把我的手包收在前排座位下面。

VI. Settling Down坐好

For babies below two years old (varies among airlines)两岁以下宝宝(不同航空公司有不同规定)

19. Let me ask a flight attendant for a seat belt extension. You will share my seat and sit on my lap during the flight. Let’s put on the seat belt and wait for the plane to take off.


For babies over two years old (varies among airlines)两岁以上宝宝(不同航空公司有不同规定)

20. Let me get you settled in your seat, buckle up and fasten your seat belt. Don’t scream or move around.


VII. During the Flight飞行中

If your baby is a toddler…


21. The plane is climbing up. Try to swallow or yawn so that your ears won’t feel uncomfortable.


22. We are high up above the clouds now. The flight attendant will offer drinks and snacks soon. Just tell her what you want and she will serve it to you.


23. There are bathrooms on both sides of the aisle. Feel free to tell mommy if you need to use the bathroom, and I’ll go with you.


24. You can occupy yourself by watching cartoons or playing video games. Or you can try to nap. The trip will be over very soon.


If your baby is an infant...


25. Let me ask a flight attendant for a bassinet / carrycot. You can rest / sleep in it.


26. You are not sleepy? Why don't we go for a walk up and down the aisle so that we can look around the plane?


27. You look cranky. Are you hungry? Do you want some milk? Let mommy feed you.


28. What’s that smell? Oh no, you pooped! Let me take you to the lavatory and change your diaper.


29. Look out the window. We are flying high in the sky!


VIII. Landing降落

30. The plane will be landing in half an hour and the washrooms will be closed soon. You’d better use it now if you need to.


31. The plane is descending. Remain seated with your seat belt fastened. Don’t move around.


32. We are back on the ground. Don’t unbuckle your seat belt until the plane comes to a complete stop.


33. Daddy will take our luggage out of the overhead compartment. Let’s wait in line to get off the plane. Be patient and don’t push.


IX. Claiming Luggage取行李

34. We are now taking a shuttle bus to the arrival terminal.


35. Before we can leave, we have to claim our checked-in luggage.


36. The luggage of our flight will be distributed at No. 8 luggage carousel [,kærə'sel].


37. Look at what’s on the carousel? Those are our suitcases.


38. Daddy will take them off the carousel. Meanwhile, let’s find a cart to put them on.


39. We are ready. ___ City, here we come!